Thoughts on Western

When I think of Western as a genre, I think of all the clichés. I think of the cowboys and the Indians. I think of outlaws and bandits riding horseback, shooting guns up in the air. I think of the Wild Wild West and little towns on ranches and in deserted areas. I think of cowboy hats, spurs, boots, and the word yeehaw, basically a real life version of Woody from Toy Story.

When I viewed the links on the Week One: Bootcamp page, I realized that a lot of the works revolve around this same idea, but with their own twists of creativity, depending on the time period and genre of the work.

I think I want to do that very thing in this course. I want to stick with these clichés, but find ways to put my own spin on these clichés. I am interested to see how I can combine ordinary blogs, videos, tweets, etc. with Western influences. I think it will be a fun challenge.

Week One

What a week in social media!! First and foremost, I learned a lot about the immense possibilities the digital world has to offer. By merely having to make an introduction of myself showed me all the different outlets I can use just to say Hello, I’m Kelsey. Whether that is via text, sound, imagery, or video. I learned that I never fully grasped the array of accounts and sources one can use to express their creativity.

I found setting up everything quite simple. Directions and guidelines were easily accessible and easy to follow. The layout of editing the blog was harder to figure out than I expected. There are a lot of icons and tabs that serve for different editing purposes, but after a couple posts I have begun to get the hang of it. The amount of tabs I had up at one time drove me crazy. When I was making my YouTube video, I had IMovie up, and then I had to upload it to YouTube, which took 30 min, and then I had to go back to the blog to add it. With all the social media sites up for all my accounts, it was a lot of back and forth. I really enjoyed the creative aspect of all of it. It was fun to think of different ways I could show different sides of myself.

As far as the theme of Western goes, I like it. I have never really submerged myself in Western culture, though I have seen the movie The Lone Ranger. I am excited to explore this world since I am a little unfamiliar with the digital works that have made this idea of “Western” come alive.

Thoughts on Western:

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